DEMONICAL Streams New Album “Mass Destroyer”; Press Accreditations For May Tour

From left to right: Ronnie Bergerstål (drums) Johan Haglund (guitars) Christofer Säterdal (vocals) Martin Schulman (bass) Eki Kumpulainen (guitars)

Struck by a burst of inspiration, DEMONICAL indulged in a creative spree immediately after the release of their antecedent offering, “World Domination”; and with expertise worthy of death metal veterans, shaped it into “Mass Destroyer. Developed in less than two years, the album reflects the energy that spawned its creation, and keeps to the Swede’s HM2-beaten track, promising a few twists along the way. Adorned in an old fashioned attire, “Mass Destroyer” packs a gruesome punch, embodies organic sounding and delivers a truly fiendish experience from well-seasoned old-school death-dealers.

“A huge inspirational boost hit us so why waste time and wait? Just hammer while the metal is hot,” explains the band, as to what seems to be a tried and true process, that already preceded “Hellsworn” (2009), “Death Infernal” (2011) and “Darkness Unbound” (2013). “The outcome is here, our seventh full-length and another vicious Demonical assault of Stockholm-style death metal madness and beyond,” the band comments. “Once again and as always, we wanted to crawl back in time and explore the early days of death metal but with traces and hints of various other metallic subgenres.”

Swedish death metallers DEMONICAL are streaming their seventh studio album “Mass Destroyer” in anticipation of its May 6th release on Agonia Records. Listen to the album, at: