Dark Funeral
Where Shadows Forever Reign
Century Media Records
Reviewer: Benek Astrachan

I think that most of the times that a label tries to sell an album as “varied” it’s usually bullshit. In my experience, 9/10 times it’s usually used to describe a new record for a band to whom moving an inch is to draw Muhammed in Iranian parliament.   But Dark Funeral’s new album is one of those few, true blue ones wherein the word “variety” is amongst the strongest qualities of the record. Where Shadows Forever Reigns is exactly the kind of album Dark Funeral needed after 7 years of silence. The quality Black Metal the band is renowned for is fully fleshed out over both tracks that evolve the Dark Funeral formula and ones that invoke their older materials.  Everything from Secrets of the Black Arts (no,not just the artwork) to Attera Totus and Angelus is touched upon. it really feels like in those 7 years, lineup changing withstanding, the band managed to make something both new yet entirely and authentically Dark Funeral. I would only expect as much of Lord Ahriman and Chaq Mol, who have many of the band’s luminary albums under their belt, but the new guys fucking aced this record as well. Heljarmadr in particular stands out at many points in the album,with a vocal variety in distorted vocals that wouldn’t shame a vocalist that growls, sings, and dances at the same time.

Overall? I’m not one to say this lightly. For the record, I have only ever utilized this following sentence in maybe 2-3 reviews i’ve ever given, but Where Shadows Forever Reign could e-a-s-i-l-y stand as one of Dark Funeral’s classics. Lineup changes and all, this sounds like Dark Funeral at their finest, and with this record they cement the fact that they’re there to stay at the forefront of Swedish Black Metal.