Mr. Jacko introduces the Mexican Death tyrants Zombiefication to the Bulldozer horde. We talk about the bands unconventional ways, their new recording “Reaper’s Consecration and ask a few questions concerning the Mexican scene it’s high lights and draw backs. Dive in and be Zombiefied!

Bulldozer: Mr. Jacko. Please give us a quick biography of Zombiefication.

Mr. Jacko: First of all, thanks for supporting Zombiefication and the true underground. Zombiefication started in 2009, when Mr. Hitch contacted me because he had heard of my other bands and asked me if I would be interested in making a Death Metal band with him. By that night, we had the first song written (Last Resting Place) and the next morning we had a name and a logo. From there everything started to roll very smoothly and today, 3 years later, we have released our debut CD, a new EP and will enter soon to the studio to record our second shitstorm!

Bulldozer: Kaos Records and Pulverised  Records recently released the sophomore recording from Zombiefication ” Reaper’s Consecration”  How has it been working with Kaos and Pulverised?

Mr. Jacko: It is actually Chaos Records, and they are for sure Mexico´s leading Metal label. It is great to work with compromised people when you take your music the same way.

Pulverised and Chaos have done an amazing work in promoting Reaper´s Consecration and the response has been extremely amazing in the underground. We have received awesome reviews and the name is surely spreading out there. We are very pleased with both labels cause the surely know what it is all about and for sure we will continue to work with them in the future.

Bulldozer: “Reapers Consecration” was recorded in Mexico at Revolution Studio then mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studios in Sweden. What a mighty slab of Swedish Death Metal Worship this turned out to be. Why only 5 songs for this piece of Swede Death Metal Appreciation?….What do you say to those that feel they are owed more songs because the EP is not long enough?

Mr. Jacko: Thanks a lot for the killer words mate. We are actually fucking stoked with the final result and we think that the final sound after so much work, really made sense and gave power to what we were after. We decided to only record 5 songs cause we had just released our debut CD Midnight Stench and we wanted to take a bit longer to record the 2nd full length, so an EP sounded quite gooooooood.

About the people that feel we owed them more besides the 5 songs, I can only say that they should wait. When they hear the new stuff, they will be fucking annihilated by chaos!

Bulldozer: You share duties in Zombiefication with Mr. Hitch yet I haven’t been able to contact him. Is he chained up in your basement and only unleashed when his skills at death metal lyrics, artwork and live shows are needed?

Mr. Jacko: Yes, he is my bitch and if I say bark, he does ja. No, the real thing is that I am in charge of answering all interviews. Besides that I do all the music in the band, as well as record that. Mr. Hitch is in charge of all the visual aspects of the band, the concept and in vomiting blasphemy into gods face. We are in constant contact even if we live in different cities and we both take the directions of were the band is heading.

When it comes to live settings, we have 3 session musicians who do a pretty filthy job and we could’nt expect less from them.

Bulldozer: I’ve seen several flyers for shows in Mexico which include Zombiefication in the lineups. How does a two piece band play live shows? Are corpses unburied,  zombiefied and put on stage to complete the live lineups… confess Mr. Jacko!?

Mr. Jacko: Of course they are mate. It actually smells like fucking shit throughout the show. In a live environment Mr. Hitch does vocals and spits forth rust, Mr. Kim is in charge of the 6 string gutfuck, Mr. Brains bangs like a mofo, Mr. Hammer pummels the dead corpse and I fucking turboblast the 4 string.

Bulldozer: Looking back at your previous recording ” Midnight Stench” (a full length CD), I think you have surpassed that recording by leaps and bounds. How would you compare that recording to the new “Reapers Consecration?

Mr. Jacko: Midnight Stench has some fucking great moments if you ask me. It is more of a tribute to Death Metal than an actual sound of the band. We were really focused on giving respect to the bands that made us what we are and gave us so much inspiration.

On the other hand, Reaper´s Consecration has more personality than it’s predecessor and it´s not a Death Metal only album. It incorporates new influences not heard before yet maintaining the disgusting sound we love. The new album takes this aspect even further.

Bulldozer: I came across a cover song performed by Zombiefication, this song was a cover of the song “Among the Abrupt” by the mighty Mexican death band Cenotaph!!. What was this cover song use for? Is it out on some compilation that I don’t own and can you get me one? 

Mr. Jacko: Yes mate, this song actually appeared in the Cenotaph Tribute Gloomy Rites To The Cenotaph. We were offered a spot and we took it. A great thing is that our cover version was chosen as the opening track of the Tribute.

We are fucking pleased with that cover songs. Many people have slammed it cause they say it doesn´t sound like Cenotaph. And of course if doesn’t!!!!! Why the fuck would we want to do a cover that sounded just like original or very close to it. We have our sound and we will go for it. If you don´t like it, make your own version, we don´t give a rats ass.

Bulldozer: Talking to friends in the Mexican scene they tell me that there is much competition and animosity between factions of bands and cliques. In your opinion, would converting the majority of these people to zombies and blowing their heads off be the answer to this issue?

Mr. Jacko: I wouldn’t really say competition as unfortunately bands are more interested in posing that in actually doing things the right way and working towards their goals, and this leads to seeing which bands are really competitive and which aren’t.

There is a lot of tension in the scene as well as envy, that is true, but it has always been that way. Fortunately one day, instead of trying to step on the ones that are doing something to take Mexico´s Metal Scene further and are getting recognition, bands as well as fans, will support the scene as it once was. That way we will surely grow as an important Metal place, cause if you ask me, there is a lot of talent in Mexico, but bullshitting is more important than actually doing.

Bulldozer: The Chasm, Cenotaph, Shub Niggurath are masters of Mexican Death Metal. There are also bands such as Disgorge, Infinitum Obscure and a few others including Zombiefication that seem to stand out. I think that Zombiefication should be mentioned amongst these bands, what do you think?

Mr. Jacko: First of all, thanks for those words, but all I can say is that you are wrong, so very fucking wrong. We are nowhere near those first three bands you mention. Shub Niggurath, Cenotaph and The Chasm, have always been a big influence on us and surely drive our fire to make Mexico stand out. They surely have made some of the most interesting Death/Black Metal ever conceived and we only feel grateful for having them do it in our soil.

Bulldozer: When can we expect another recording from Zombiefication? What can we expect from the next recording?

Mr. Jacko: The new album has already been written and if you ask me, the songs flow more in the Reaper´s Consecration vein than in the Midnight Stench one. We are incorporating more Black Metal in the sound as well as tradition metal. But don´t worry, in the end it is Death Metal to the core with this new influences which give make it more versatile and killer. I am fucking sure that if you dug Reaper´s Consecration the new album will also give you hell!!!!

Bulldozer: Any last words?

Mr. Jacko: Bulldozer maniacs, thanks a lot for supporting the underground and the Zombiefication maniacs. For info on the band write us in Facebook or to the mails appearing the CD/Lps. Buy the goddamn thing to find them out ja. Thanks for the support and remember that Zombieficaiton plays exclusively Death Metal Raised On Aztec Bloodshed!!!


Interview by: Jon Mastra