The Chasm

From the Bulldozer Archives we present an interview conducted with The Chasm’s Daniel Corchado right after their performance at the Gathering of the Bestial Legion 2007. Hopefully this will arouse curiosity for those not too familiar with this great underrated band.

Bulldozer: To finally get to witness an attack from The Chasm at this year’s Gathering of the Bestial Legion 2007 was an absolute pleasure, are there any plans to return and do it again, tour, one off shows, festivals.

Daniel C: Thanks for the words Jon, same for us, it was a pleasure to finally be able to attack in front of the LA scene, we were waiting for this for a long time and I got to say that the wait was totally worth it, definitely one of the best shows we have ever played, got to say that we really appreciate the support you showed to THE CHASM…Yes we would definitely like to return to LA, hopefully that will be when we have the new album released, that is the main priority right now, to complete the creation of the new hymns of death and start production when the time is right, so for us, there won’t be any more shows for a while, I think that the time has come to unleash a new chapter in our journey and in order to do it, we cannot be distracted by anything else, the new album should be something very special, and to do that, no more distractions will be allowed.

Bulldozer: What did you think of the metal crowd in Los Angeles?

Daniel C: The response to our set was immensely furious and supportive, and not only to THE CHASM but to all the bands, without exaggerating and being cliché I can say that LA has the best UG Metal scene nowadays, we have been in a lot of places , and to have been part and witnessed the  magnitude of the support and attendance for such an obscure real underground show was very uplifting and somehow surprising ,shows like this make the experience 100% worth it and it gives hope and strength for the continuous battle.

Bulldozer: Now back home and the recording process continues, how’s everything going and when can we expect another record from The Chasm, will this be on the Earache imprint Wicked World.

Daniel C: As far as I know, the new album will be released via WW, I really haven’t talked to them in a long time, but they knew we were going to take our time creating the new album, so, everything should be fine with them… I can say that the album is 70% completed, we have 2 or 3 more songs to finish plus fine tune the others we already have, at this point I don’t want to give recording or release dates, but we are getting very close to complete the creative process, after that the huge recording process will begin, even now I know it won’t be an easy task, there are so many new elements in this songs, plus some very intricate riffage/drumming, we have to train and practice very hard before we start production, overall, if nothing extreme happens, I can assure that in 2008 a new THE CHASM journey will be released.

Bulldozer: Can we expect any new releases via Lux Inframundis Productions.

Daniel C: Not in the near future, LI is more focused now on the graphic field, and with such concentration on The Chasm is hard to plan other releases. Only time will tell.

Bulldozer: Daniel, being that you recorded Reaching the Veil of Death any plans for you to engineer any other Chasm recordings and are your services for hire.

Daniel C: There is a very good chance that the new album will be recorded at Lux Inframundis by myself, we are still doing some demos in order to test the sounds that we can get from our equipment, if the results are satisfactory it will definitely be done by us…another reason to do this is that it will be a very demanding process, with all the ideas and plans that we have for the new songs, it would be very hard for us to go to a studio and do the whole project there, is just too expensive and time consuming, so I think the best way to go will be to record everything by ourselves and eventually,  depending of the final sound, we could get somebody else to help with the mixing process, once again all this are basic plans for now, but nothing has been written in stone yet

Bulldozer: Reading from past interviews you were not very impressed with the state of death metal as a whole, are there any bands that you think have stayed the course and have some worthy music to offer.

Daniel C: Well, obviously as time goes by and I grow older I don’t see things the same way as I used to, to be honest, at this point I really don’t care to much about what is going on “the scene” nowadays, as always there are true honest people who play from the heart and soul and there are the ones who are just sheep’s and imitators, just let them be, to each it’s own…whatever the case, more than ever we just walk in our own path, the times of getting angry or pissed off about the whole music scene are over, we are carrying the spirit and name of The Chasm because that’s part of our existence, is our own creation and satisfaction, the concept I have of Death Metal and Underground heavy metal in general is still very present in my mind, but I just act and react different now, there is no denying that as long as we feel and enjoy creating music we will carry on, one way or another, because in the end the main reason why we created the band is because we bleed and breathe for our music, it is a big catalyst for our emotions and is part of each one of us.

Bulldozer: The Chasm has been around since 1992, what keeps you going.

Daniel C: Well, I guess I just answered that in the last question…the pure pleasure and emotion that emanates from our visions, the inner will of keep creating music above trends and fakeness, to be true to ourselves, the simple pleasure of being a Musician able to create authentic, personal and original songs.

Bulldozer: The Chasm’s music conjures up menacing imagery but steer away from the blatant satanic overtures. What inspires such spiritual and mythical dark music?

Daniel C: I always have been inspired by the power and glory of our ancestry,  as well as by my own inner world , the richness and dimensions of my own feelings, I think the real challenge in one’s life is to be the best one can be, destroying obstacles and demanding the best from it’s own blood and spirit, a true voyage and preparation for the last call, the cessation of life and the reanimation in a new dimension and plane, every album of the band has captured this emotions lyrically , some more strange ,dark and twisted than others, but always real and honest, and always depicting the way I feel and felt in diverse periods of time in my life, it has been a real learning experience.

Bulldozer: Any Last words.

Daniel C: Thank You and Bulldozer for the support given to THE CHASM, greeting to the followers of this Saga in CA …Total Heavy Metal of Death, forever burning in our souls…

Interview by Jon Mastra
Photo by: Marco Garcia