What do you get when you give instruments and amplifiers to the undead? You get ghoulish ear deafening riffs of demonic torture, you get a three piece band calling themselves Diabolos! A nocturnal blood thirsty band that hails from the darkest depths of  The Los Angeles Underground. Diabolos is indeed very frightening and interesting at the same time. They are ghoulish in the sense that these flesh eating corpses are indeed one of thee best terror/horror film inspired Death/Black/Horror bands that fiendishly exist today. Their brand of George G . Romero inspired purgatory soundtrack of corpse raping, flesh eating metal, that is captivating to watch live! But they truly capture the true spirit of horror and shock that so many others have tried to imitate but can never recreate. Diabolos achieves this. I awakened from the dead this flesh eating cadaver calling himself Andrew Undead Torment. To speak  about well, what else? Brutal Metal! Flesh eating! and Zombies of course.


Bulldozer: Now before I begin with this interview, let me warn you, my very dead smelling friend, I have a garlic necklace, a wooden stake and a 44 magnum! So no flesh eating fun packed adventure will be had at my expense huh! Talk to me about Diabolos? How long have you and the rest of your maggot infested corpses been around?


Undead Torment: Well first off the garlic and the wooden stake are more geared for vampires but the 44 magnum is suffice. Diabolos started in early 2005. The Band consists of Hrodwulf on bass, Chrestus on drums and myself on guitar and vocals. We all hail from Los Angeles. We released at that time an EP called “The Three Mothers” on Baphomet Records.


Bulldozer: I find this band very out of the ordinary but extremely enjoyable. Let us start with the band name? Where does that come from?


Undead Torment: Well the name was inspired from an exploitation movie entitled “The Devils”which is about a bunch of nuns who are lustful and worship Lucifer. Also you may recognize it as a song title from “Samhain.”


Bulldozer: I knew that sounded familiar. Now you are a seasoned extreme Death/Black Metal artist here in Los Angles. So this whole concept with Diabolos is completely not the norm of your prior work with the bands that you played with before. Would you say that you have branched out of your comfort zone and completely have gone more extreme and brutal with Diabolos?


Undead Torment: Well those prior bands did what they were all about; I felt that with Diabolos it would be the first time I ever had a chance to really show what I am as a musician and as a artist. I tried  to use all my influences which are Horror films and extreme Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash, Punx music and mix it all up which became Diabolos. Diabolos to me is pure horror Black Metal disgust!


Bulldozer: You really capture that whole Horror aspect very well, unlike other bands that have tried to use that concept and miserably fail. Diabolos is nothing at all like a parody, it is very fresh, brutal and extreme. Are all of you Horror fanatics?


Undead Torment: The foundation of this band was based on Horror films! The admiration and worship of Horror films and extreme music! We grew up as Horror film fans! We are all about Horror!  The formula that we created with the extreme Death/Black/ Punk sound mixed with the whole horror film imagery and lyrical content. We are trying to be unique and pay tribute to these movies and at the same time have our audience experience the horror through our music.


Bulldozer: What is it that attracts you to Horror movies? The brutality? The Shock Value?


Undead Torment: What attracts me the most to Horror movies is that rush you get! It is like a drug, you get addicted to the shock and fear. I personally am a Fear junkie! I need to see violent imagery all the time to feel satisfaction in some kind of sick way but at the same time it is therapeutic .It makes me feel normal.


Bulldozer: Why not watch the news then? Is that reality to brutal?


Undead Torment: I do not watch the news because it is all  real! The reason I watch Horror films  is to escape from reality ! It is just a fantasy world I like to be in sometimes because the real world is more fucked up than any Horror movie can be. People talk about the devil, and all this other stuff but in real life the true devil is human nature. We are the ones that will do evil acts against our fellow man, It is just in our nature. The Horror movies are just an escape from the beast that we all are.


Bulldozer: Let us talk about the new album. What will it be called?


Undead Torment: The new album is called “Cannibal Darkness,” some of the song titles are “We are going to Eat You!” “Men behind the Sun” and “Catch them and Kill them!”


Bulldozer: Cannibal Darkness? What inspired this title?


Undead Torment: Well I have been a fan of Cannibal Horror Movies and I have had a fascination for a while now to eat human flesh. I often wonder how human flesh would taste, I have been really intrigued and curious about this subject. I have been going to the library and I have been doing research on the subject. For example the history of cannibalism and the culture that it pertains too. I have often wondered if cannibalism is in my blood? Because I do have an ancient Aztec blood line, being of Mexican decent and having an indigenous background.


Bulldozer: Really? (Gripping the 44 magnum tighter) You do know that it is illegal in The United States and 99% of the modern world to partake in cannibalism right? I must admit I have had to urge to eat some human female flesh myself sometimes.


Undead Torment: Did I mention I was under the influence of Vicodin at this time?


Bulldozer: That explains it, (sigh of relief!)  Well good luck to you on that idea, I am sure it will be a far healthier diet than all this processed meat we eat now. When will “Cannibal Darkness” be released?


Undead Torment: Well there is no release date yet. We are  ready to go into the studio and record it. The new album will definitely be a far step higher than the Ep. The EP itself was a statement! It was just us having some fun and creating some songs of what we love, we wrote that whole EP in thirty minutes. This new album is taking far longer to release because we got picky. Every time we play these songs live I get that burst of raw energy and Horror thrusts threw my veins.


Bulldozer: Well I cannot wait for it to be released! I will definitely keep my eyes out for it! Thank you for chatting with us and for scaring the shit right out of me. Cannibalism is indeed as Extreme as you can get!

Jimmy Cabbs