Kirk Hammet

On July 25, 2010 at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood Ca. I was fortunate or not fortunate enough to speak with guitarist Kirk Hammett of the Super   Mega Rock Star group “Metallica.” Kirk Hammett was hosting the 6th annual “Johnny Ramone tribute” show and somehow I managed to slip into the VIP area where I got the chance to ask this Metal Icon the real question that nobody has dared to ask him as of yet.  This is what transpired Enjoy.

Jimmy Cabbs : Hello Kirk thank you for taking the time to speak with me, how are you doing this evening here at The 6th annual “ Johnny Ramone tribute” show at the beautiful “ Hollywood Forever Cemetery ?”

Kirk Hammett: Good man I am doing well.

Jimmy Cabbs : Lets get right into it, back in 1980 you were one of the main members that formed “ Exodus” along with Tom Hunting and I believe Paul Baloff? When Paul Baloff passed away in February of 2002 it was reported that the remaining members of “Exodus” did not have the funds to bury Paul and they were forced to auction off guitars and participate in other forms of fund raising events to raise the money to bury Paul. Being that you go way back in the history of “Exodus” why didn’t you write a check to help pay for the burial services of Paul Baloff?

Kirk Hammett: Awkward uncomfortable silence and then a slight turn toward an individual who he whispers in his ear and then that individual motions to a huge black security personal in a suit!

Huge African American Security personal in a suit: You are going to have to leave this area NOW!

Who then proceeded to escort me right out of the VIP area and thus concluding my interview with Kirk Hammett.

Jimmy Cabbs : Thank you Kirk!


Another memorable Jimmy Cabbs moment.