Twenty Years Later with Lee Dorrian…. I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with legendary vocalist and front man for one of thee original pioneering doom, progressive, psychedelic bands of our time Cathedral. Cathedral is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the release of their 9th studio album entitled “The Guessing Game”, this being their first double album. Cathedral is known for their very no holds barred attitude when it comes to their musical diversity .Say what you will but for over 2 decades Cathedral has gone were no one has dared to go before. So enough said lets chat with Lee Dorrian and Cathedral.

Bulldozer: Welcome Lee and thank you for taking the time to chat with us, talk to us about the new album “The Guessing Game, how does it differ from your last release?

Lee Dorrian: Well aside from our last record being released nearly five years ago (The Garden of Unearthly Delights) this record is really not that different, except to say that I am very pleased with it, production wise, and musicianship wise ext. I enjoy every track on this record. We have been around for a long time as you know, nearly 20 years. We have grown as musicians; we are not young lads any more!  We feel that we have been around and realistically have nothing else to prove. Except to write good music for ourselves and our supporters.

Bulldozer: Twenty years my lord! When you say that this is the first time that you are pleased with every track on the new album, can you give our readers more of an explanation? Does that mean that you were not personally happy with past releases?

Lee Dorrian: Well what I meant to say is that in the past I had to compromise with certain producers on  musical directions we wanted to experiment with, also I will be the first to admit that we have gone  the studio rushed ,not prepared , we are determined to never let that happen again. You see what we have realized is that what you record is what you leave behind.

Bulldozer: That indeed is not the case with this record (The Guessing Game) correct?

Lee Dorrian:  NO! Musically I think this is our best work yet, I know that sounds so cliché to say but I am pleased to say we got it a bit more right this time.

Bulldozer: On this album you again worked with Warren Riker (Down/Crowbar) who produced your last release (The Garden of Unearthly Delights) I take it you enjoyed working with him?

Lee Dorrian: Yes absolutely! Prior to Garden we have had difficulty with past producers who lets just say didn’t get The Cathedral sound.  I have had some that have laughed at our musical suggestions.We do not like to sound polished in any way, shape or form. We are a real rock n roll band, if we wanted to sound polished or over produced we would play techno or something like that.  The technology nowadays is incredible but to be honest with you I am not a fan of over production. So when it came time to work with Warren we didn’t know what to expect because we never met him before, but he turned out to be a really good person, Solid! I am really confident with our new record and pleased with his work.

Bulldozer: Through out the last two decades Cathedral has never been able to be characterized. The band has covered the gauntlet of the musical spectrum, its been like a Cathedral rollercoaster ride, with every new album comes the anticipation of what’s next, any regrets ?

Lee Dorrian: Well it’s never been easy for us; it’s been nothing but hard work! We never set out with a game plan as to how we were going to go at this; we just wanted to be true to ourselves musically. It is amazing to us that we still have an audience; we have always followed our own instincts. I do not like categories period! We try not to be restricted. Cathedral does not play it “SAFE” I guess that comes from my punk background? Artistic integrity is what comes first. We are just a bunch of guys who just like good metal. Playing it safe is just boring.

Bulldozer: Tell us about Alison O Donnel from Mellow Candle, she is on the album correct?

Lee Dorrian: Yes she is, she sings on the album. I am a big fan of her work with Mellow Candle which is an Irish 70”s folk rock band. I had approached her some time back and asked if she would be interested on being on our next record and she jumped at the chance.

Bulldozer: Will there be any U.S. tour plans?

Lee Dorrian: Well it’s been 8years since our last tour, nothing is planned at the moment but we would love to tour the States! Hopefully that will be possible soon.

Bulldozer: Any final comments to our readers Lee?

Lee Dorrian: Yes!  Thank you so much for your support of over 20 years, we hope you enjoy the new record cheers!

Thank You Lee Dorrian, There you have it. The new Cathedral album entitled “The Guessing Game “is scheduled for release here in The United States on April 20 on Nuclear Blast records! Make sure you purchase it.

Jimmy Cabbs