The first extreme Black Metal band from The Far East, Singapore’s   Impiety invaded and triumphantly conquered The Black Castle in South Central Los Angeles. As the audience anxiously awaited The Dark Crusaders to hit the stage. The dark, beer soaked, and musky room   of The Black Castle was instantly transformed back in time to the ancient warrior times of Genghis Khan and his invading horde.  Upon the first opening brutal cords of Impiety set, the inebriated audience was cast in a mesmerized and fearful traumatic stare as Impiety began to slay and pillage the unsuspecting spectators.  After the massacre I spoke with Impiety front man and bassist Shyaithan in depth about the history of the band, the current tour and album and of course the daily struggles and tribulations of being Satanic, Brutal and a disciple of Chaos in Singapore. Read on if you dare?

Bulldozer:  Thank you for taking the time to speak with me that was indeed by far an amazingly brutal, sick ass show!  Welcome to Los Angeles.

Shyaithan :  Thank you , thank you very much man , it is a pleasure to be here.

Bulldozer: Now correct me if I am wrong, this is the first time you have played in Los Angeles but the bands second time touring in The United States Correct?

Shyaithan:  Yes that is correct, the first time Impiety played The United States was in San Antonio Texas on December 10th 2010, we headlined a festival there and of course now! We are on a 26 date tour of North America, Canada, and Mexico.

Bulldozer: How are you enjoying the audiences and touring in The United States?

Shyaithan: Well honestly?

Bulldozer: Yes by all means, please be honest.

Shayaithan: I have truly enjoyed touring the East Coast of the United States. The shows along the East Coast have been incredible! I was somewhat skeptical of touring The U.S.A in the beginning because I was told that perhaps the show turn out might be bad on weekdays vice versa and so forth. But to my surprise, amazingly the turn outs have been great!  Full houses!  Well attended shows. I have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the response Impiety has received and I have met allot of Die Hards! That is very important to me. It is quality not quantity when it comes to Impiety fans.  I do not care for mass music or mass appeal.  I only care for those Die Hards who believe strongly in Impiety and Impiety’s style of Rapid Black Death.

Bulldozer: Are you pleasantly surprised that the United States Black Metal fans are embracing Impiety?

Shyaithan: Yes of course, Impiety has been around for a very long time.We originate back to 1990.  We have always had a very strong U.S. fan base.  It was unfortunately very difficult for us to get here and tour due to the fact that we did not have enough label support back in the late nineties. In the end we signed with Pulverized Records and before hand we also signed with a booking agency so we could tour The United States, Canada and Mexico collectively.

Bulldozer: For the readers who do not know, you and Impiety originate from Singapore.  When you think of Singapore you instantly think of the very strict laws that govern you and your fellow country men, caning, death penalties for drug trafficking ect. Talk to me about Singapore. Is there a huge Black Metal scene in Singapore?

Shyaithan:  Well the scene started back in 1985. We had bands that toured our country like Mercyful Fate, AC/DC, Iron Maiden. These bands brought Metal to my country, they not only inspired us to play but It was a stepping stone for the entire scene which by the nineties, it really grew huge and expanded through out my country. At one point we had about eighty to ninety bands raging from Black, Death, Thrash, and Grind genres. The whole scene was very united, we did not have technology back then, email, downloading did not exist back in the day. We relied on paper underground fanzines, tape trading ext.

Bulldozer: I know exactly what you are talking about. I am a dinosaur of that era. I like to refer to them as “the good old days”, where you really had to work hard for your Metal!  Unlike now, where with a click of a button, you have instant access to the band of your choice and their whole catalog and history from any part of the world. 

Shyaithan: Yes that indeed was the good old days! You really had to be a hardcore and dedicated Metal fan. You really had to work hard for your Metal unlike now and you truly appreciated, and supported what was out there because it was all D.I.Y, Do it yourself. In the nineties and with technology the scene really changed in my country. New Genres of Bullshit Metal saturated my country but you still have a few Die Hard dedicated bands from the genres I described who  have put out some amazing singles, demos, and  albums. It is just unfortunate that there is no publicity for these bands; they lack proper media or exposure, and world wide distribution.  I only hope that in the future these bands can get out of the small South East Asia Metal scene and possibly tour The United States, Europe and other areas around the globe.

Bulldozer: Is that why Impiety has lasted this long, remained true, brutal, and dedicated to its core beliefs and not affected by the trends of the past decades?

Shyaithan: I have always been dedicated to what I do! It has been in my blood all these years, I love what I do. It is passion that drives me. I do not care what people think each time I put out an album. Critics will always be there, critics always make me work harder. I have been loyal and true to my stand and music for all these years. At the end of the day I do not have to be super rich, inner happiness is the ultimate reward.

Bulldozer: You can see that in your show, your show is very intense, very powerful and brutal, it is very real. Most definitely not for the weak.

Shyaithan: Whether you love it or hate it, for me honestly I do not give a fuck. For me this is Impiety. You get the real Impiety in our music and on stage, our beliefs, and our philosophies; off stage on stage we are real! We are Impiety definitely a band to be reckoned with.

Bulldozer: The band has been subjected to numerous line up changes, is this current line up stable and solid?

Shyaithan: It has been very difficult over the years to maintain a good and stable line up. Past members of the band have had to leave due to obligations with their jobs or families. Some past members have had wives, and children to support.  I myself am nearly forty years of age. I would love to have some of the old band members in the band but people change. Priorities change, it is really hard to keep band members that are also living in the real world. They have their own families to support, pay bills ext. I can live this life because I have chosen to not be married. I have chosen to put music as a priority in my life, Metal first, above all!   I do not give a fuck! Yes my family  supports me, but they know that you only live once and I have set out to do Rabid Black Death Metal in the most violent and heinous form.  I am just very appreciative that I have a good family that respects and supports my decision.

Bulldozer: Tell me who are the current band members in Impiety?

Shyaithan: Okay the current band members that you saw in our show are Guh Lu (on guitar) he has been in band since 2010, he has done a couple of European tours with Impiety. The other two demons are Deimos (on guitar) he has just been in the band since the middle of this year, he has done the Asian tour with us, which consisted of nine shows over in Asia. We toured Asia in September and October before we arrived in the U.S.A. After the Asia tour we took a two to three week break before we landed in J.F.K to destroy The United States. We had a drummer, his name was Dizaster from Australia but unfortunately on the Asia tour on the last show he dislocated his arm. So I had to find a replacement, on tour with us now is Maelstrom .

Bulldozer: Wow, he did a great job tonight.

Shyaithan: Yes he did, he did a great job.  He  only had three days with me in Singapore. He flew to Singapore and we only had three days to rehearse the material and that was it, we hit The United States.

Bulldozer: Unbelievable, How do American audiences differ from the Far East audiences?

Shyaithan: I think it is the same everywhere, people love chaos, and we obviously have a bigger fan base in South East Asia because that is where we were founded. In Europe we have developed a big fan base as well because we have toured Europe numerous times, going back as far as since 2000.

Bulldozer: You have also toured extensively in Mexico correct? As a matter of fact didn’t you live in Mexico for a period of time?

Shyaithan: Yes at the end of 2003 early 2004 I had a big fight with “The Kaos Kommand 696” Impiety line up, so I dissolved the line up. It was the Mexicans, Oscar Garcia and Antimo Buonnano from “Ravager.” They invited me to come to Mexico and subsequently continue “Impiety” under the Mexican flag. I was very much honored, it was a big giant step. It seemed logical at the time and not impossible. All I needed to do was sort out my fiancés, proper planning, and getting on the plane. In February of 2004, I landed in the heart of Mexico City, Mexico after a 24 hour plane flight.

Bulldozer: That is a big difference from the Far East and Singapore!

Shyaithan: Oh yes, when I landed I then had to take a three hour bus ride to my final destination. I spent seven months total in Mexico where I recorded two recordings. The first one was a 7 inch split EP with Surrender of Divinity entitled “Two Majesties” and then I went on to record a full length album entitled “Paramount Evil.” I also completed a ten date Mexican tour, overall my stay in Mexico went amazingly very well.

Bulldozer: Is that why there is also a huge fan base in Mexico of Impiety fans?

Shyaithan: Yes absolutely, there is definitely there is a huge fan base in Mexico.

Bulldozer: Who writes the majority of the music in Impiety?

Shyaithan: I do, I have written everything since the early demo days. Seven full length albums total and 31 official releases.

Bulldozer: Wow what a long and impressive career, what influences do you draw from when you write music or lyrics for Impiety?

Shyaithan : Well for lyrical content I am definitely a desecrater , a lot of bands will promote themselves as being Satanic or being Satanists . It is common knowledge that in order to believe in Satan you must acknowledge the existence of God. Without God there is no Satan. The world believes that the teachings of God or Jesus Christ will bring you inner peace, joy and love. I on the other hand believe in Satan! I proudly walk his path, I am a desecrator, I am a Satanic Desecrator because I tear down and destroy the ideals of God that man believes. I believe that it is just a facade.

Bulldozer: A hypocrisy!

Shyaithan: Yes absolutely a hypocrisy, the church is a big business man!

Bulldozer: It is a world wide Mafia.

Shyaithan : The Church and Politics are all interlinked , where ever there is a fucking cross, there is a shit load of money that follows. Where does the money go? Does it go to the ignorant believers that are starving and in poverty? No it goes to the government or all these so-called holy hypocrites.

Bulldozer:  Do you get a lot of back lash or negative criticism from your Government officials or your fellow country men for the beliefs that you strongly believe in and include in your bands lyrical content?

Shyaithan:  The Lyrics of Impiety deal with anti Christianity, anti religion, and the anti so-called morality that the world believes and stands for. Our lyrical content deals with the reality of the world, hatred, violence, genocide, blasphemy, and desecration!  In Singapore when I was younger I have in the past destroyed graves, grave desecration, pissing in churches and stuff like that. I do not regret it but I have been fortunate that I have not been caught. In my country that type of behavior will most definitely get you at the very least canned or imprisoned. As I have grown older I have toned down the physical violence aspect and I have decided to propagate the violence and blasphemy through my music. In Singapore I am very toned down, the government knows of my activities and I need to be careful.

Impiety  has recently completed touring The United States and is now continuing their world domination in Mexico . Check out their current releases 2011 “Worshippers  of The Seventh Tyranny “ and their current 3 song EP  “ Advent of the Nuclear Baphomet” on Pulverized Records. Upon completion of their world tour, Impiety are set to go back into the recording studio and release more Brutal material for 2012.


Interview by Jimmy Cabbs: