Cemetery Urn

Down Under with Cemetery Urns Damon Bloodstorm: Melbourne Australia’s Cemetery Urn   came into town recently and played a bone brushing brutal set. So of course I had to have a sit down with Cemetery Urns Damon Bloodstorm and this is what transpired.

Bulldozer: How are you doing?  You just played a devastating killer fucking set! How is the tour going?

Damon Bloodstorm: Killer man, always killer man, so far it is only half way through, but it is going very good. Texas is always killer for us.  There is always good people down there, they always look after us and they are fucking maniacs!

Bulldozer: Really? I do not know why I find that shocking?

Damon Bloodstorm: There are a lot of Die Hards there! So the Die Hards always come out.

Bulldozer: Are you amazed at the following that Cemetery Urn has here in The United States?

Damon BloodStorm: It is really the best from all around the globe. We have support in Europe, Mexico and South America. In Mexico they are always good to us, but at the end of the day our biggest base of support is here in the U.S.A.

Bulldozer: Now correct me if I am wrong but this would be your second tour of The United States Correct?

Damon Bloodstorm: Yes, this is indeed our second tour in the U.S. The first tour we ever did was in Jan of 2008.

Bulldozer: Yes you are correct, if memory severs me right, you played the infamous Hate War “Embrace the Hate “festival.  I attended that festival and I witnessed the tremendous response you received. Judging by tonight years later you have definitely made a mark here in Los Angeles with your band. Do you think that is why the new album “The Conquered are Burned” is in such demand along with the frenzy to see “Cemetery Urn “play live as well?

Damon Bloodstorm: Yes without a doubt!  I believe we have left our mark here from the first time we played in Los Angeles. People are aware of our history and our previous bands, (Bestial War lust, Corpse Molestation, Abominator) so I believe that is why there is also a high demand for Cemetery Urn. We also have a lot of contacts here, we have a lot of good loyal friends here and over all a tremendous amount of support. At the end of the day we love coming here.

Bulldozer: In Los Angeles there is resurgence of Death Metal and Black Metal amongst the youth? Do you feel that your band will appeal to this second wave of young fans?

Damon Bloodstorm: There are always cycles of resurgences going around. I think that overall if you are into the brutal shit then you will find an interest in our band. Of course being from Australia there is always an interest especially since there are so many incredible bands coming from my country.

Bulldozer:  That is so relevant, what is in the water in Australia? Because as you mentioned there are indeed some amazingly brutal bands coming out from your country?

Damon Bloodstorm: We are not trying to be different or anything, what we are is what we are. We are true to ourselves and that is what is expressed in our music as well as our fellow country mates.

Bulldozer: As I mentioned earlier, that was indeed a brutal performance. What kind of preparation do you do for your live performances?

Damon Bloodstorm: We try to give the same amount of energy in our performances whether there is one person or a hundred in attendance, no matter what. At the end of the day it is fucking Metal man!

Bulldozer: How are you able to capture that same amount of brutal energy in the recording process? On your new album “The Conquered are Burned” that album has the same amount of intensity as your live show.

Damon Bloodstorm: We try and represent ourselves in true form in whatever it is we do.

Bulldozer: I would classify that as the integrity factor, which unfortunately some bands do not subscribe to.

Damon Bloodstorm: We have very loyal fans here in the U.S. That is why we are confident when we come here. That is why we want to give the fans exactly what we do at home or where ever the fuck we are ,which is a true “ Cemetery Urn “ show. They deserve it, they support us, we want to give them what they fucking want and we like to do that for the fans!

Bulldozer: I noticed that on this U.S tour you are playing some rather obscure places, why is that? Do you enjoy playing some remote places in the U.S.?

Damon Bloodstorm: Yes we do actually, we try to book our show to these locations where maybe the people are starving for live acts because other bands neglect these areas. When we played in El Paso, Texas we were told that they do not get that many bands especially under ground bands to play there. At the end of the day they were very appreciative.

Bulldozer: Do you go into these remote shows with the mind set of being “extremely brutal” as though you were playing a bigger market major city?

Damon Bloodstorm: That is the only way to do it! It takes a lot out of you but that is why we are here.  There is no point in doing it if you do not have your heart into it.

Bulldozer: Let us discuss the new album “The Conquered are Burned” how does it differ from your prior release 2007 “Urn of Blood?”

Damon Bloodstorm: Well it is the same as far as in terms of intensity, but however this time around we spend a lot more time.

Bulldozer: As far as the recording process?

Damon Bloodstorm: Yes and the writing process as well. We spend a lot more time on this album, we had line up changes to deal with as well, we had to organize our sound. We wanted this album more varied up , the production a little bit,  spend a little bit more money and time on it.  We took over a year to record this album only because we had minimal time. It was not like we can go into the studio for three weeks and record it all and then we are done. We had to do everything in stages, we did everything ourselves with a limited amount of money. I think that is why this album is better.  We had a bit more time to spend on it. On the first album we were working on it as a project, which then turned into more of a main thing for us where we started to play live shows and became more serious.

Bulldozer: Would you say that your first recording experience with “Urn of Blood” paved the way for a much more flawless recording experience with “The Conquered are Burned?”

Damon Bloodstorm: I would say yes, as I mentioned we had more time to spend on this album. I the first album we had literally such a sort recording period, I mean I recall doing the vocals in two days.

Bulldozer: Did you feel limited in the recording of “Urn of Blood?”

Damon Bloodstorm: No not really, I mean we had a good engineer; we had our limitations on time. On this album we spend a lot more time in creating the sound and spending the time to focus on anything we felt we needed too.  Money was not an issue this time around, we had a lot of money to spend, blah, blah blah, so we are happy with the end result. We are proud of it and the reception has been fabulous which is what we originally wanted.

Bulldozer: You are absolutely right about that! After the completion of The U.S. tour where is “Cemetery Urn” headed? Europe? Mexico? South America?

Damon Bloodstorm: Go home and fucking sleep! Get pissed drunk! But after we finish the U.S. tour we are planning to return to Los Angeles and stay in Hollywood for a couple of weeks. Spend all of our money and torment all the bars in Sunset Blvd!

Bulldozer: Indeed that sounds like a fabulous plan!

Interview by Jimmy Cabbs