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Surfing The First Wave

Poland’s Armagh are kind of a rarity when it comes to young bands. On the one hand, they come from what is now a very quickly developing Metal scene, with many bands to emulate and many preordained paths to follow. On the other, they don’t really sound 1:1 like any pre-existing bands. They, to paraphrase Phil Anselmo’s quote about how bands ought to apply inspirations, really took in a wide variety of inspirations and made something of their own. They really perpetrate the kind of ragtag wild and entirely analog spirit that bands like Slayer and Entombed embodied in their early days. It’s not about ultra professionalism, it’s not about some super slick and perfectionist attitude that tweaks every note and sound on Pro-Tools. This is raw, this is 100 people stuck into a sweaty basement with shitty amps and a violent atmosphere, this is touring the country in a mini van with beers under the seats and this, this wouldn’t be out of place in the 80’s this band so looks up to. To tell us more about Armagh, their music and their early journeys, is singer/main composer, Galin Soulreaper.