Monthly Archives: October 2012

Divine Eve

Divine Eve has been one of those elusive obscure bands that has in it’s fragmented existence conjured some of the best doom laden death metal with every recording. Here we catch up with Michael Sleavin (Rhythm guitar/vocals) and Matt Killen (Drums). Discussed is the bands principles and ideals as well as their past, present and future endeavors.


Carlos Gonzales of the revived Los Angeles Muerte Grind outfit Demolition answers a few questions for Bulldozer Mag. We get a insight into the early 90’s Los Angeles scene and answer to what happened to the band, their disappearance and their resurrection. We also dig into the new recording and what lays ahead for Demolition.


Von has an album due to arrive on October 31st, 2012 entitled “Satanic Blood.” Venien regards this as Von’s first “official” full length album. In most cases, this is the recording we are talking about here, not to be confused with early demos entitled “Satanic Blood.” Also, “Dark gods” is an upcoming 3 part trilogy of NEW Von Material which is not yet out, but much of which is recorded and/or written already. So when Venien speaks of “Dark gods” recordings in “past tense” this is why. But this material has not been released as of today, 10.20.12.


Mr. Jacko introduces the Mexican Death tyrants Zombiefication to the Bulldozer horde. We talk about the bands unconventional ways, their new recording “Reaper’s Consecration and ask a few questions concerning the Mexican scene it’s high lights and draw backs. Dive in and be Zombiefied!


Here we have an interview with Los Angeles’s own Insentient. Leslie Medina answers a few questions which introduces the new line up and updates us on how the band traversed through 2012. We talk about tour cancellations and rescheduled dates, their view of the local scene and what is to come from Insentient.