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The Chasm

From the Bulldozer Archives we present an interview conducted with The Chasm’s Daniel Corchado right after their performance at the Gathering of the Bestial Legion 2007. Hopefully this will arouse curiosity for those not too familiar with this great underrated band.


I sat down for a one on one with Cleveland Ohio’s Infamous Don of The Dead from Nunslaughter after they decimated Los Angeles with two exclusive Southern California appearances. If you are familiar with Nunslaughter then you are indeed well aware that this group is celebrated and recognized as the Forefathers of “Devil Metal.” Formed in 1987 by Don of The Dead, the band has had numerous line up changes and has released throughout the decades an enormous amount of  


This interview was conducted on September 19, 2011 aired originally at 11pm Wednesday Sept 28th 2011 on WMSC’s  90.3’s Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium,  Ghoul Singer/Guitarist Digestor aka (Sean McGrath) speaks with “Japan Nick”  Perkel about how Ghoul got onto the tour with Gwar, words about all of Ghoul’s albums including the new album Transmission Zero, thoughts on horror movies and more.

Rigor Mortis – Harden Harrison

An interview with Rigor Mortis’ Harden Harrison.
Bulldozer: What is the good word on the writing of the new album for Rigor Mortis like?

Harden: The good word is it’s probably like a combination of all 3 records with some of the more basic straight ahead thrash of the first one and some of the more technically structured songs of Vs The Earth and stuff, so it be a combination of both.


In this interview conducted on September 26, 2011 Warbringer Singer John Kevill Speaks to “Japan Nick” Perkel about the new album “Worlds Torn Asunder”, thoughts on touring overseas in Japan and the Ukraine, feelings on the first headlining tour for Warbringer in the United States, the European tour supporting Arch Enemy and more.

King Fowley

Bulldozer: You guys are coming off a tour that you guys did- a fairly brief tour- how did that go for you and Rumplestiltskin Grinder, overall?

King Fowley: It went great, the West Coast was fun, you know? We’ve been a band 25 years, we never got to get out there, and do more than- we did one festival to, hell I think it was 2002 or 2001 for Jack Koshick, and he has festivals out there, but we never really got to


Upon first hearing of this union of Heavy Music’s elite joining forces to create one super group. I vividly recall the excitement and anticipation of this historic collective calling itself Shrine Builder. I awaited with an almost childlike unrest at what these Masters of Heaviness were plotting to unleash upon a loyal and dedicated following. Image four Iconic seasoned musical veterans,


Up Close and Personal with the Real Bobby Liebling.
There was a question on my mind that I was determined to get answered as I prepared for my interview and approached the Pentagram tour bus recently to interview one of Heavy Music’s ideal fathering figures Bobby Liebling. Who is the real Bobby Liebling? Is he happy? For those of you familiar with Pentagram you are all well aware of the controversies surrounding Bobby Liebling’s