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Chris Reifert

After years of general silence since Shitfun, what brought Autopsy back together?….Chris Reifert: You mean after our 15 year break? We released two songs in 2008, and that generated a lot more interest than we thought it would, which was cool. Then the guys from Maryland Deathfest got in touch with us about doing something and we finally decided that we were going to do an appearance.


The Eagle has landed in Hollywood! I can still recall  the excitement I had over thirty one years ago , when then  at age  ten I  picked up for the first time the now classic  and revered   Saxon “ Wheels of Steel” album. That album sat on my turntable for months at a time; it was played constantly day and night until it was completely worn out! Over the decades other Saxon classics followed “Strong Arm of The Law,”  “Denim and Leather.”

Affliction Gate

For whatever reason, France has always been overshadowed in the metal scene.  England, Sweden, and of course the USA all have extremely well known bands, many of whom have become giants in their respective genres.  But France also has a rich tradition of metal, dating back to the likes of SORTILEGE and STRATTSON, and then on to LOUDBLAST, and finally the French Black Metal Legions.  So it’s really no surprise that with the recent revival of the old death metal sound,


I caught up with Dagon from Colombia’s most extreme Black Metal band Inquisition recently and had the opportunity to discuss the new album and other interesting things that you might or might not know? So without further delay may I introduce you too Dagon of Inquisition.


A conversation with Wrath of Dodsferd:….Bulldozer: What is the meaning behind the name “Dodsferd?”….Wrath: Well it is the journey of death, it is a Norwegian word, I have chosen the word Dodsferd because it exposes the darkest desires of humanity.

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson is as heavy as you can get. He is The Lord of Southern! Founding member of Southern Lord records, one of the most prominent, independent, underground, record labels in The United States. Chances are if you are a avid Heavy, Doomish, Sludge, music lover you may be very familiar with the name or you may associate Greg Anderson as the founding member of such well-known Heavy Music acts as Thorr’s Hammer,