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What do you get when you give instruments and amplifiers to the undead? You get ghoulish ear deafening riffs of demonic torture, you get a three piece band calling themselves Diabolos! A nocturnal blood thirsty band that hails from the darkest depths of  The Los Angeles Underground. Diabolos is indeed very frightening and interesting at the same time. They are ghoulish in the sense that these flesh eating corpses are indeed one of thee best terror/horror film inspired Death/Black/Horror bands that fiendishly exist today.

Kirk Hammet

On July 25, 2010 at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood Ca. I was fortunate or not fortunate enough to speak with guitarist Kirk Hammett of the Super   Mega Rock Star group “Metallica.” Kirk Hammett was hosting the 6th annual “Johnny Ramone tribute” show and somehow I managed to slip into the VIP area where I got the chance to ask this Metal Icon the real question that nobody has dared to ask him as of yet.  This is what transpired Enjoy.


Twenty Years Later with Lee Dorrian…. I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with legendary vocalist and front man for one of thee original pioneering doom, progressive, psychedelic bands of our time Cathedral. Cathedral is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the release of their 9th studio album entitled “The Guessing Game”, this being their first double album.


There has been resurgence in the Los Angeles extreme metal scene like no other. Metal Seeds that were planted over two decades ago have taken root and have sprung a crop of new bands that have invaded the underground Extreme music  scene reminiscent to the early 80’s metal scene that spawned  such greats as Metallica ,Slayer, Dark Angel, Agent Steel ,ext. These fledgling new comers have carved themselves a piece of the Metal Pie for themselves and


I got the opportunity to speak with 1349‘s legendary Norwegian Black Metal artist Frost and Ravn at a Prosthetic Records in store in support of their latest release “Demonoir.” The band had played a remarkably wicked cruel brutal set the night prior opening for tour mates “Cannibal Corpse” on The Eviscreration Plague Tour. For those not familiar with 1349 lets have a quick history lesson shall we? The band originated in 1997


There is some amazing music that is coming out of the Bay Area or San Francisco as we Angelinos prefer to call that Northern California region. Ludira is one of The Bay Area’s best kept secret. The band has been in existence since 1998.Origionally it was formed as a 2 man project but soon was expanded as a five-piece. The band plays a distinctive crust core influenced black metal with neo classical tendencies.


The first extreme Black Metal band from The Far East, Singapore’s   Impiety invaded and triumphantly conquered The Black Castle in South Central Los Angeles. As the audience anxiously awaited The Dark Crusaders to hit the stage. The dark, beer soaked, and musky room   of The Black Castle was instantly transformed back in time to the ancient warrior times of Genghis Khan and his invading horde.  Upon the first opening brutal cords of Impiety set, the inebriated

Cemetery Urn

Down Under with Cemetery Urns Damon Bloodstorm: Melbourne Australia’s Cemetery Urn   came into town recently and played a bone brushing brutal set. So of course I had to have a sit down with Cemetery Urns Damon Bloodstorm and this is what transpired.

Eye Hate God

Keeping an Eye on Eye Hate God, an inclusive interview with “The God Father of Southern Metal” Jimmy Bower. Bulldozer: Jimmy Bower Eye Hate God how the hell are you? The Power of the Riff!  How do you feel about playing tonight?…Jimmy Bower: I feel great there Mr. Cabbs !  I feel great man, we played Oakland last night, and doing this gig tonight, and then we go home tomorrow. We just got back from Europe.


Interview with Erik Danielsson of Watain
Bulldozer: You guys are touring as a full five piece this tour, but Set wasn’t able to make it. What led you to recruiting Sellm from The Devil’s Blood instead of touring as a four piece?